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Ethics office

Protection Against Retaliation

Protecting the Whistleblower

Under the Secretary-General’s Bulletin on protection against retaliation (ST/SGB/2017/2/Rev.1) the Ethics Office protects staff from being punished for reporting misconduct or for cooperating with an official audit or investigation.  This is commonly known as "whistleblower protection."

By providing protection to staff who may otherwise be reluctant to come forward, the UN learns about and can respond to misconduct. This strengthens accountability and maintains the integrity of our operations and programmes.

Protection against retaliation applies to all staff members, interns and United Nations volunteers.  Punishing consultants who report violations of UN rules and regulations is also prohibited.

To contact us, please call our Helpline: +1-917-367-9858 or email us: ethicsoffice@un.org.

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