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Post-Employment Restrictions

Staff who participate in the procurement process are restricted in certain types of activities when they leave UN employment. This includes staff who resign, are terminated, or retire.

A list of activities that constitute “participating in the procurement process” may be found in Secretary-General’s bulletin ST/SGB/2006/15. These activities include, inter alia, identifying potential contractors and vendors, and involvement in the contracting process.

Former staff members who have participated in the UN procurement process may not seek or accept employment with any UN contractor or vendor for a period of one year following separation from service. Restrictions on UN lobbying for a period of two years also exist for former staff members who participated in the procurement process.

In-service staff members who are involved in the procurement process are additionally required to refrain from soliciting or accepting offers of future employment from any UN contractor or vendor. In the event such an offer is received, the staff member is required to report the incident and recuse themselves from any further dealing with that contractor or vendor.

Reference: ST/SGB/2004/15

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