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Ethics office

Ethics Advice and Guidance

Confidentiality and Use of Information

We should promote the spirit of openness and transparency, and be committed to fostering this spirit with our internal and external constituencies. However, not all information available to us through our work with the UN can be made public, even when it is not specifically labeled as ‘confidential’. Inappropriate disclosure or use of privileged United Nations information can harm the efficiency and credibility of the Organization and damage its ability to achieve its objectives.

We must ensure that sensitive or confidential information is carefully protected in order to safeguard the interests of the Organization, our clients, partners and staff. Confidential information must never be disclosed or used improperly for personal or other private gain. The obligation to protect confidential information remains after we separate from the Organization.

Reference: ST/SGB/2004/15 and ST/SGB/2007/6

To contact us, please call our Helpline: +1-917-367-9858 or email us: ethicsoffice@un.org.

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