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Official Hospitality

Some staff receive a small representation allowance, which permits them to extend official hospitality to individuals outside of the UN.  For the purpose of official hospitality, heads of departments or offices may also authorize the reimbursement of reasonable expenditures incurred by staff who do not receive a representation allowance. In each case, the head of the department or office ensures that the expenditures are reasonable, necessary and substantiated.

Wherever possible, the prior approval of the head of the department or office should be obtained before any hospitality expenditures are incurred. Official hospitality does not include year-end or end-of-assignment functions or gatherings.

When a department or office extends group hospitality to participants in an official meeting where the head of that department or office serves as host on behalf of the Organization, the expenses incurred may be reimbursed, provided that the estimated costs of the hospitality have been specifically requested, approved and allocated according to relevant budget procedures. Reimbursement under these conditions may be made even in cases where the host is in receipt of a representation allowance.

Reference: ST/SGB/2014/1, ST/AI/2002/8 and ST/AI/2002/8/Amend.1

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