Heads of departments/offices provide the UN Ethics Office with the names of staff members who are required to participate in the FDP. These staff members will receive an email advising them of their obligation to file a disclosure. As of the 2018 filing cycle of the UNFDP, filers will use their Unite ID credentials to access their disclosures.

For returning participants, a draft statement, based upon their previous year’s submitted information, will be available to review and update provided the previous year’s submission was reviewed and closed. Staff members should use the available informational and training materials to familiarize themselves with the process, language, and requirements of the FDP. These materials are available at the FDP website under “Documentation.”

The following staff members are obliged to file annual financial disclosure statements:

  • All staff members at the D-1 level and above;
  • All staff members who are procurement officers, or whose principal occupational duties are the procurement of goods and services for the United Nations;
  • All staff members whose principal occupational duties relate to the investment of the assets of the United Nations, the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund or of any accounts for which the United Nations has fiduciary or custodial responsibility;
  • Other staff members whose direct access to confidential procurement or investment information warrants the filing of a financial disclosure statement; and
  • All staff members serving in the United Nations Ethics Office.

The following staff members are obliged to file declaration of interest statements, instead of financial disclosure statements:

  • Staff members on "when actually employed" (WAE) appointments;
  • Staff members on $1 per year appointments; and
  • Staff members serving on appointments of short duration.

For questions or concerns, contact the UN Ethics Office

Helpline: available on iSeek or email:ethicsoffice@un.org