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Ethics office

Ethics Advice and Guidance


As international civil servants, we should be impartial and objective in carrying out our jobs. We should not use our office or knowledge gained from our work to favour family members or friends. Nor should we prejudice the position of those colleagues or our clients whom we may dislike. In recruiting staff or consultants, we should always seek the candidates best suited for the job.

We must not hire or supervise immediate family members, though the Organization permits the hiring of spouses in another separate work unit.

We must also exercise special care in any decision-making or selection process involving friends or others with whom we have a close relationship that may bias our judgment. Disclosure and recusal in such situations will help avoid giving the impression of favouritism.

Reference: ST/SGB/2014/1, ST/SGB/2002/13 and Standard of Conduct.

To contact us, please call our Helpline: +1-917-367-9858 or email us: ethicsoffice@un.org.

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