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Ethics office

Financial Disclosure Programme


The Ethics Office administers the United Nations Financial Disclosure Programme (FDP) which helps to maintain and enhance public trust in the integrity of the UN. Under the FDP, selected staff are required to disclose annually their assets and liabilities, outside activities, and affiliations. Covered staff members are placed on an honour system, and are expected to provide truthful and complete information.

The current programme was launched with the promulgation of the Secretary-General's Bulletin on Financial disclosure and declaration of interest statements (ST/SGB/2006/6).

Objective of the Programme

The primary purpose of the programme is to manage risk for conflicts of interest.  It aims to identify, resolve and mitigate conflict of interest situations arising from staff members’ holdings (e.g., assets, investments) and/or activities.  This may include advising staff members to divest themselves of holdings, or to recuse themselves from a particular activity or aspect of their official functions.

Every March, covered filers submit their information through a secure website. The required information also covers spouses and dependent children.

Once a filer submits the disclosure statement, the process of identifying any actual or potential conflicts of interest begins. If the reviewer detects a possible conflict of interest, the reviewer notifies the filer and recommends an appropriate course of action to manage the situation.  If the filer disagrees with recommended remedial action, the case is referred to the Ethics Office for resolution.


The disclosure statements of covered filers are confidential and will be used only by the Secretary-General, the Ethics Office or by offices or persons specifically authorized in writing by the Secretary-General.

FDP Training

The Ethics Office conducts training on the FDP for current and potential participants as well as departmental Focal Points. Invitations to these trainings are posted on iSeek in February and March of each year. The Ethics Office can also provide FDP training to individual offices and departments upon request.

To contact us, please call our Helpline: +1-917-367-9858 or email us: ethicsoffice@un.org.

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