Green Hydrogen Compact Catalogue

A coalition to mobilize Energy Compacts on green hydrogen technologies as viable solutions for a net-zero future has come together, led by the Governments of Denmark, Chile and Germany as Global Champions for energy transition, in collaboration with IRENA and the World Economic Forum among others. Businesses, countries and other stakeholders are encouraged to establish Energy Compacts that can help deliver 25 GW of green hydrogen capacity by 2026, towards 500-1000 GW required by 2030, in line with the UN Marrakech Partnership’s Climate Action Pathway on Green Hydrogen for a 1.5-degree compatible energy sector by 2050.

As a side event during the Ministerial Thematic Forums, Denmark, Chile, Colombia, the Netherlands and Germany co-hosted a high-level roundtable focused on the necessary regulatory framework and infrastructure investments. Key requirements discussed to scale up and accelerate the green hydrogen transformation included: a regulatory environment that provides stability and certainty; an internationally consistent investment framework with carbon pricing to establish a sustainable market; and a global pricing structure for green hydrogen that will make projects viable and encourage investments.

The partners, by bringing together their Energy Compacts in this catalogue, aim to highlight the need for urgent and collective action from a multitude of stakeholders, continuing through the Decade of Action. Those looking for guidelines for their commitments and for having their Energy Compacts consolidated in this catalogue can find additional information at