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The Population Division offers various data packages for sale, including data from its flagship publications World Population Prospects and World Urbanization Prospects.

Order instructions

  1. Select your desired CD-ROM title
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  3. 'Unit price' defines the price for the product and 'Ext. price' is the total price
  4. 'Subtotal' is the total sale price

Once the order form is filled out completely, print it.

Send the printed order form, accompanied by a cheque or an international money order in US dollars drawn on a United States bank for the correct amount, payable to the UNITED NATIONS POPULATION DIVISION, and mail them to: The Director, Population Division/DESA, United Nations, DC2-1950, New York, NY 10017, U.S.A. Credit cards are not accepted.

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  1. Data contained in the above datasets are copyrighted by the United Nations. No portion of the data files contained on diskettes or CD-ROMs can be reproduced, distributed or used to prepare derivative works or for any other purpose without the express permission of the United Nations, to be obtained from the Secretary of the United Nations Publications Board. For further information, please contact the Director, Population Division/DESA, United Nations, New York, NY 10017, U.S.A., telephone no. 1-212-963-3179; fax no. 1-212-963-2147.