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Publications used in the preparation of the WESS


Analytical dimensions of inequality in integrated climate impact assessment

Assessing climate change impact, adaptation, vulnerability, and food security of farm households: The AgMIP Regional Integrated Assessment Approach

Building resilience to climate change: Three principles at the core of the policy process

Climate change and social inequality

Enhanced international cooperation on adaptation technologies and statistics for sustainable development

Identifying opportunities in a changing climate: Research priorities for reducing vulnerabiliy, poverty and inequality

Sustainable pathways, climate change and the evolution of inequalities

The effects of changes in flooding, sea level rise in salinity on multidimensional inequality

The effects of changes in rainfall patterns, water availability, and desertification on multidimensional inequality

Unequal impacts of climate hazards: needs for building climate resilience for sustainable development

What data analytics are needed to identify and monitor populations vulnerable to climate change in developing regions?


Peace and Stability as Enablers for and Outcome of Development

Transforming MDG Growth Patterns for SGDs


The role of selected policy instruments in reducing income inequality

Land Ownership Patterns and Income inequality in Southern Africa

Sustainability and Inequality


Policy and research issues on finance and growth for Sub- Saharan Africa

  • Stephany Griffith-Jones and Ewa Karwowski with Nshalati Hlungwane
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Towards a sustainable social model: Implications for the post-2015 agenda

Human Development in an environmentally constrained world in the post- 2015 era.

Global Food and Nutrition Scenarios

Inter-temporal macroeconomic trade-offs and payoffs of human development strategies: An economy-wide modelling analysis

Inequalities on the rise


Absorbing Innovative Financial Flows: Looking at Asia

Adopting a Currency Transaction Tax When Avoidance is a Possibility: Which Currencies Would Take the Lead and What Rate Could they Charge?

Aid Securitization: Beyond IFFIm

Can remittances support development finance
in developing countries?

Global Health Initiatives and Aid Effectiveness
in the Health Sector

Half a Century of Proposals for
'Innovative' Development Financing

Innovative Development Finance:
The Latin American Experience

International Tax Cooperation and
Innovative Development Finance

Overcoming the Technical and Political Difficulties of Using SDRs for Development Purposes


Agricultural innovation for food security and environmental sustainability in the context of the recent economic crisis: Why a gender perspective?

Harnessing Energy-Technology Innovation in Developing Countries to Achieve Sustainable Prosperity

Innovative Systems to Reverse Soil Degradation and Improve Water Management for Enhanced Food Security: Experiences from African Countries

Key Determinants of Technological Capabilities for a Green Economy in Emerging Economies

Lessons from the History of Technology and Global Change for the Emerging Clean Technology Cluster

Philosophical and Social Transformations Necessary for the Green Economy

Shaping Agricultural Innovation Systems Responsive to Food Insecurity and Climate Change

Sustainable agricultural innovation systems (SAIS) for food security and green economies


Development in an interdependent world:
old issues, new directions?

Economic integration, inequality and growth: Theory and comparative assessment

Energy Intensity, Greenhouse Gas, and Global Warming

From Washington Consensus to Inclusive Growth:
The Continuing Relevance of Pro-Poor Policy Alternatives

International Tax Cooperation and International
Development Finance

Labour Markets Trends, Financial Globalization and the current crisis in Developing Countries

Making Globalization Sustainable

New State Practices at a Time of System Disturbance and the Nasty Business of Protectionism—The Expectation for Global Demand Management

Policy coherence and coordination: Rebalancing stabilization and developmental policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

Policy coherence in development policy and international cooperation

Reforming the International Monetary System

Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia: Current situation and future prospects

Reinventing Globalization: Fair is Feasible

Social Policy Politics: The Role of Ideas, Conflict, and Process

The Basic Needs Development Strategy

The new aid paradigm: A case of policy incoherence

The Triple Crisis and the Global Aid Architecture

Trade Policy in the Post—Neoliberal Era


Adapting to climate change in developing countries: institutional and policy responses for urbanizing societies

Adaptation to Climate Change:
Re-examining climate and development risks

Climate change financing: Developing countries' options and challenges for mitigation and adaptation

Regional Distribution of the Costs and benefits of Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation

Projections Regarding Climate Change and Development

Supportive measures and policies for developing countries:
a paradigm shift

The role of private investment in increasing climate friendly technologies in developing countries

  • Stephany Griffith-Jones, Merylyn Hedger and Leah Stokes
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Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Issues in the Context of Climate Change


Assessing the success of microinsurance programmes in meeting the insurance needs of the poor

Financial Instability and Countercyclical Policy

Globalization, Offshoring and Economic Insecurity
in Industrialized Countries

Insurance against Losses from Natural Disasters
in Developing Countries

Insurance, Credit and Safety Nets for the Poor
in a World of Risk

Post-Conflict Countries: Aid Effectiveness
and Permanent Peace

Post-Conflict Recovery: Resource Mobilization
and Reconstruction

The Impact of Armed Civil Conflict on Household Welfare
and Policy Responses


Population Aging, Wealth, and Economic Growth: Demographic Dividends and Public Policy

Projection of health care expenditure by disease:
a case study from Australia

Poverty among the Elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Leonardo Gasparini, Javier Alejo, Francisco Haimovich, Sergio Olivieri
    and Leopoldo Tornarolli
  • Download Paper

The Implications of Aging for the Structure and Stability
of Financial Markets

Population Ageing and Health Expenditure:
Sri Lanka 2001-2101


Developing and Transition Economies in the Late 20th Century: Diverging Growth Rates, Economic Structures,
and Sources of Demand

Governance, Economic Growth and Development
since the 1960s

Real Income Stagnation of Countries,1960-2001

Turning Swords to Ploughshares & Little Acorns to Tall Trees: the Conflict-Growth Nexus & the Poverty of Nations

Financial Development and Economic Growth: a Critical View

Have Collapses in Infrastructure Spending led to
Cross-Country Divergence in per Capita GDP?

Growth Empirics when the World is not Simple

Openness and Growth: What have we Learned?

Growth after Globalisation: a 'Structuralist-Kaldorian' Game
of Musical Chairs?

Industrial Policy and Growth Helen Shapiro

Development Aid and Economic Growth:
a Positive Long-Run Relation

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