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How well are the links between education and other sustainable development goals covered in UN flagship reports? A contribution to the study of the science-policy interface on education in the UN system 2015-10-02 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2015/DWP/146 PDF icon 1597341724.8015.pdf
The Contexts of Social Inclusion 2015-10-01 Social Development ST/ESA/2015/DWP/144 PDF icon 1597341726.915.pdf
Inequality and Environmental Sustainability 2015-08-01 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2015/DWP/145 PDF icon 1597341726.2653.pdf
Inequality and the Tails: The Palma Proposition and Ratio Revisited 2015-07-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2015/DWP/143 PDF icon 1597341727.4127.pdf
Will Inequality Lead China to the Middle Income Trap? 2015-06-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2015/DWP/142 PDF icon 1597341727.8218.pdf
Towards integration at last? The sustainable development goals as a network of targets 2015-03-01 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2015/DWP/141 PDF icon 1597341728.3711.pdf
The Global Consumption and Income Project (GCIP): An Introduction and Preliminary Findings 2015-01-02 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2015/DWP/140 PDF icon 1597341728.9351.pdf
Redistributive Policies for Sustainable Development: Looking at the Role of Assets and Equity 2015-01-01 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2015/DWP/139 PDF icon 1597341729.6086.pdf
Absorbing innovative financial flows: Looking at Asia 2014-10-02 Financing for Development ST/ESA/2014/DWP/138 PDF icon 1597341730.4017.pdf
Recent Downturn in Emerging Economies and Macroeconomic Implications for Sustainable Development: A case of India 2014-10-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2014/DWP/137 PDF icon 1597341730.9059.pdf
Towards a sustainable social model:Implications for the post-2015 agenda 2014-09-01 Social Development ST/ESA/2014/DWP/136 PDF icon 1597341731.4253.pdf
Recipients and Contributors: Middle income countries and the future of development cooperation 2014-07-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2014/DWP/135 PDF icon 1597341732.1011.pdf
Recent macroeconomic trends in emerging economies and implications for development (Country Study: Brazil) 2014-06-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2014/DWP/134 PDF icon 1597341732.6803.pdf
A comparative study of the forecasting performance of three international organizations 2014-06-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2014/DWP/133 PDF icon 1597341733.2304.pdf
Crisis mismanagement in the US and Europe: impact on developing countries and longer-term consequences 2014-02-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2014/DWP/132 PDF icon 1597341733.8324.pdf
The new aid paradigm: A case of policy incoherence 2013-12-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2013/DWP/128 PDF icon 1597341735.6206.pdf
The spillover effects of unconventional monetary policies in major developed countries on developing countries 2013-10-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2013/DWP/131 PDF icon 1597341734.4082.pdf
Half a Century of Proposals for ‘Innovative’ Development Financing 2013-07-01 Financing for Development ST/ESA/2013/DWP/125 PDF icon 1597341737.2741.pdf
The distributional effects of fiscal austerity 2013-06-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2013/DWP/129 PDF icon 1597341734.992.pdf
The international development strategy beyond 2015: taking demographic dynamics into account 2012-12-01 Population ST/ESA/2012/DWP/122 PDF icon 1597341739.0666.pdf
From aid to global development policy 2012-09-01 Financing for Development ST/ESA/2012/DWP/121 PDF icon 1597341739.6057.pdf
Aid Securitization: Beyond IFFIm 2012-08-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2012/DWP/127 PDF icon 1597341736.1168.pdf
Overcoming the Technical and Political Difficulties of Using SDRs for Development Purposes 2012-08-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2013/DWP/126 PDF icon 1597341736.685.pdf
Building a stable and equitable global monetary system 2012-08-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2012/DWP/118 PDF icon 1597341740.1948.pdf
Innovative Development Finance: The Latin American Experience 2012-08-01 Economic Analysis and Policy, Financing for Development ST/ESA/2012/DWP/124 PDF icon 1597341737.9135.pdf
Should global goal setting continue, and how, in the post-2015 era? 2012-07-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2012/DWP/117 PDF icon 1597341740.7894.pdf
Learning from the past: Which of the past/current development strategies are best suited to deal with the ‘quadruple crisis’? 2012-06-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2012/DWP/116 PDF icon 1597341741.4313.pdf
Financing small-scale infrastructure investments in developing countries 2012-05-01 Financing for Development ST/ESA/2012/DWP/114 PDF icon 1597341742.7022.pdf
Financial sector compensation and excess risk-taking: A consideration of the issues and policy lessons 2012-04-01 Economic Analysis and Policy ST/ESA/2012/DWP/115 PDF icon 1597341742.1546.pdf
Reason, Empathy, and Fair Play: The Climate Policy Gap 2012-04-01 Economic Analysis and Policy, Sustainable Development ST/ESA/2012/DWP/113 PDF icon 1597341743.2134.pdf