Opening Remarks at Launch of the UN-Energy Plan of Action and the Energy Compact Action Network

Distinguished delegates,

I am pleased to welcome you all to today’s event, intended to advance the implementation of the outcomes of the High-level Dialogue on Energy, held at the summit level under the auspices of the General Assembly in September 2021. 

I am honoured to be joined by UN-Energy and Dialogue Co-chairs, Mr. Achim Steiner and Ms. Damilola Ogunbiyi, to mark the launch of the UN-Energy Plan of Action and the Energy Compact Action Network. 
I would like to acknowledge the hard work they have put in to turn the Dialogue into a real success. 

Distinguished delegates,

Only eight months have passed since we met at the Energy Dialogue, a milestone event that gave new momentum to universal energy access and energy transition. 

The Global Roadmap for Accelerated SDG7 Action, delivered by the Secretary-General as a forward-looking summary of the Dialogue, charts a clear way forward towards attaining SDG 7 and net zero emissions. 

Over 200 Energy Compacts, amounting to US$ 600 billion, have been announced. They represent a true commitment to action by all key stakeholders. 

Yet today we meet in a state of triple shock. 

First, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has yet again  warned us that we are on track to climate disaster, unless we change course immediately. 

Second, the Ukraine crisis is sending major shockwaves through global food, energy and finance markets. This is hurting the world’s most vulnerable people and posing major challenges for delivering on the SDGs and climate action. 

Third, we continue to confront the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Addressing today’s energy challenges can and must strengthen more ambitious climate action while advancing the SDGs, building back better from the COVID-19 crisis and leaving no one behind. 

Through implementation of the Global Roadmap we can deliver exactly what is required: 

First, we need to close the energy access gap. 

We must take Decisive action to achieve access to clean energy for the 760 million people who currently live without electricity and for the 2.6 billion people still relying on harmful fuels for cooking. 

Second, we need to rapidly transition to decarbonized energy systems. 

It is essential to aggressively deploy renewable energy, dramatically increase energy efficiency, and phase out coal and fossil fuel subsidies. 

Third, we need to mobilize adequate and predictable finance. 

Global investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency should be tripled towards 2030. 

Fourth, we should leave no one behind on the path to a net-zero future. 

The global energy transition must be just, inclusive, and equitable. 

Fifth, we should harness innovation, technology and data to leverage their transformational potential. 

Distinguished delegates, 

SDG 7 is within reach, but we must scale up and accelerate action. 

The UN system stands ready to step up. 

Today’s launch of the UN-Energy Plan of Action and the Energy Compact Action Network represents the strong commitment of the UN system to helping with everything we can to support Member States and all other partners towards the achievement of SDG 7 and net-zero emissions. 

Under the leadership of its two Co-Chairs, UN-Energy will help coordinate action throughout the UN system. 

The UN-Energy secretariat at my Department of Economic and Social Affairs will strengthen our efforts to support the Co-Chairs, all UN entities and other partners towards implementation of the Global Roadmap. 

We will also facilitate the follow up of the Dialogue, including through UN Decade of Sustainable Energy for All, to further momentum and action. 

Let us work together to ensure a more prosperous, equitable and sustainable future for people and the planet. 

I thank you.   

File date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Mr. Liu