The UN Women’s Security and Safety Team’s new episode of the What if We Get it Wrong? podcast features Audrey Batoua and Clare Lubega – the UN Women Business Continuity and Crisis Management Focal Points.

Listen to the episode "New to Security" to find out more about how the Security Services Team has developed a new application for UN Women to deal with crises, how crisis management ties into the UN Women mandate, and what it is like being new to security.

Ms. Batoua and Ms. Lubega speak about their experience being women working in security and their achievements in their roles so far.

Listen to the podcast:


Read some of the highlights of the interview:

What are business continuity and crisis management?

“Business continuity and crisis management are about having a plan to deal with difficult situations, so the organization can continue to function with as little disruption as possible.

This recognizes potential threats to the organization and analyses what impact they may have on day-to-day operations. It also provides a way to mitigate these threats so key functions can continue even if the worst happens.”

How do business continuity and crisis management support UN Women to achieve its mandate?

“Ensuring that headquarters and all regional and country offices have business continuity and crisis management plans is essential. This is because it allows UN Women to continue delivering programmes to achieve our mandate, even if a crisis does occur.

Women’s needs do not stop simply because a crisis is happening!

The new application which has modernized these plans allows us to respond to crises even quicker, allowing the organization to continue working.”