VIRTUAL Concert in celebration
of the 76th Anniversary of the United Nations

Sunday, 24 October 2021
@9:00am EST (New York)

Watch the performance: United Nations
UN Global YouTube:  http://youtube.com/unitednations
UN WebTV: http://webtv.un.org/

On Sunday, 24 October 2021, the UN Chamber Music Society (UNCMS) will present a virtual concert in celebration of the United Nations’ 76th Anniversary.  The programme will be musically representative at the regional level, as repertoire from all five official regional groups of the United Nations will be featured.  Founded in 2016, the UN Chamber Music Society is dedicated to promoting the United Nations’ goals and values at large - through the universal language of music.



Opening Message

H.E. Mr. António Guterres
UN Secretary-General


UN Chamber Music Society
of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council
Brenda Vongova, Artistic Director


Featuring Artists

Sara Marley (Singer) ● Onesimus ● Ricky Kej

(I) Americas

Lauryn Hill (1975 - ) “Tell Him” (arr. Reuben Allen for the UN Chamber Music Society)
Sara Marley (Singer)
UN Chamber Music Society: Brenda Vongova (Piano), Hana Mundiya (Violin), Bethlehem Hadgu (Viola), Jonah Krolik (Cello), James Quinlan (Bass), Jay Sawyer (Percussion)

Sara Marley performs “Tell Him” written by Ms. Lauryn Hill

Recorded by: Julian Miller, Ms. Lauryn Hill

Edited by: Julian Miller, Eli Heisler, Ms. Lauryn Hill

Additional Mixing by: Julian Miller 

Background Vocals by: Natalie Imani

(II) Africa

VUSI NOVA (1984 - )  “Viva Mandela” (arr. by RJ BENJAMIN for the UN Chamber Music Society; Written by Vusi Nova)
Onesimus (Singer), Thapelo Masita (Cello), Hana Mundiya (Violin), Florrie Marshall (Viola), Brenda Vongova (Piano)

(III) Eastern Europe

SERGEI RACHMANINOFF (1873 - 1943) 2 Pieces, TN ii/22: No. 2 Romance in A Major
Amin Helou (Piano); Angela Boutros (Piano); Brenda Vongova (Piano)

(IV) Western Europe

JOHANNES BRAHMS (1833 - 1897)  Six Pieces for Piano, Op.118: 2. Intermezzo in A Major, Andante teneramente (arr. for Viola and Piano)
Jeremy Kienbaum (Viola), Brenda Vongova (Piano)

(V) Middle East

ANGELA BOUTROS (1994 - ) Dance of the Fire Rituals

(VI) Asia

Ricky Kej (1981 - ) “Wild Karnataka” & “Shine Your Light”
Hana Mundiya (Violin), Naoko Nakajima (Violin), Abigail Elder (Viola), Clara Abel (Cello), Brenda Vongova (Piano)

Featuring Special Guests
Ricky Kej (Synths), Lonnie Park (Singer), IP Singh (Singer), Varijashree (Singer, Bansuri), Pramath Kiran (Percussion), Siddhartha Belmannu (Singer), Wouter Kellerman (Flute), Fateh Ali (Sitar), Nate Horton (Drums), London McDaniel (Bass), Mzansi Youth Choir


UN Department of Global Communications

Ms. Lauryn Hill
Julian Miller
Eli Heisler

Sony Music

Artwork of Poster:

From my “Anahata” (“Heart” in Sanskrit) series
By Akshita Gandhi

Anna Mikaela Ekstrand 

Sujatri Reisinger



Rebecca Dixuan Bai, Video Editor

Audio Production

Mickey Alexander, Audio Engineer

Edward Bilous, Artistic Director and Producer
Keren Plowden, Production Coordinator 
Greg Kalember, Editor and Mix Engineer