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The United Nations and Decolonization

Name Plate. Photo: Rie Kadota, DPA

2016 Regional Seminar

Managua, Nicaragua, 31 May - 2 June 2016

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Host country (Nicaragua)


Discussion Papers from Experts

  1. Discussion paper of Mr. Alejandro Betts [in Spanish]
  2. Discussion paper of Mr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua [in English]
  3. Discussion paper of Mr. Sergei Cherniavsky [in English]
  4. Discussion paper of Mr. Carlyle Corbin [in English]
  5. Discussion paper of Mr. Ernesto Moreau of the American Association of Jurists [in Spanish]
  6. Discussion paper of Mr. Macharia Munene [in English]
  7. Discussion paper of Mr. Jimmy Naouna of the Melanesian Spearhead Group [in English]
  8. Discussion paper of Ms. Wilma Reveron-Collazo [in Spanish]
  9. Discussion paper of Mr. Richard Ariihau Tuheiva [in English]
  10. Discussion paper of Mr. Roch Wamytan [in English]

Statements by Non-Self-Governing-Territories

  1. Statement of Mr. Edward Alvarez (Guam) [in English]
  2. Statement of Mr. Joseph Bossano (Gibraltar) [in English]
  3. Statement of Ms. Krysteen Ormond (Falkland Islands (Malvinas)) [in English]
  4. Statement of Mr. Jean-Louis D'Anglebermes (New Caledonia) [in French]
  5. Statement of Mr. Ahmed Boukhari (Frente Polisario) (Western Sahara) [in English]

Statements by Members States

  1. Statement of the representative of Antigua and Barbuda [in English]
  2. Statement of the representative of Argentina [in Spanish]
  3. Statement of the representative of Spain [in Spanish]
  4. Statement of the representive of Morocco [in French]

Press Releases