A view of the Secretariat Building, with Members States’ flags flying in the foreground, at United Nations headquarters in New York. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

The role of the HQ New York medical service in COVID-19

Key Points

  • Contact the HQNY Clinic via 212 963 7090 or preferably via osh@un.org if:
    • You are sick and need help or follow up; or
    • If you have a coronavirus test and test positive.
  • Any contact with the medical service is medical in confidence and will be treated that way.

The Division of Healthcare Management and Occupational Safety and Health (DHMOSH) has Healthcare Management, Clinical Governance, Occupational Safety, Counselling, Public Health and Clinical services.  For COVID-19 all groups are involved in providing support to HQ and to the field to help meet the Organization’s duty of care to staff and those who may be affected by the UN’s work.

The DHMOSH Public Health Team is actively engaged in assisting entities worldwide and in supporting the whole of UN response to COVID-19. For information contact dos-dhmosh-publichealth@un.org

HQ NY Clinic

The HQ NY Clinic is an occupational health medical clinic.  It provides first aid, on site response, travel medicine and other advice on all aspects of work that affects health.  This includes the impact of COVID-19 on personnel in the HQ and NY area.

Hours: The clinic is open during the shut-down for emergencies in the building and for essential staff between 8.30 am to 5 pm during work days.

Contact: : Call 212 963-7090 8.30 am to 5 pm during work days to speak with nursing staff.

If you are unwell:  If you are unwell with respiratory illness, please do not come to the medical service except if you in the building and have severe shortness of breath.  We are unable to provide routine care for coronavirus, or to test for it. Infectious patients are encouraged to go home or stay home, and if necessary seek care first by telephone from their doctor. See the ‘I’m sick’ page for detailed advice or contact the clinic on 212-963-7090.

If you are in the HQ building and unwell for another reason – chest pain, allergy, injury etc – then come to the clinic or ask a Security Officer for assistance.

Any staff member who tests positive to COVID-19 is strongly encouraged to advise the medical service of this via osh@un.org. This is strictly confidential and your name will not be released. This information is used solely to guide further management of the outbreak in the HQ.

Testing for COVID-19:  The UN is offering COVID-19 testing service for staff members of the United Nations system and staff employed by Permanent and Observer Missions to the United Nations in New York, who are unwell and meet the clinical criteria for testing. Email osh@un.org with the details found inside the ‘COVID-19 testing in New York’ page. Subject to capacity, our testing teams will come to you – the service is NOT available in the Headquarters building – stay home, stay safe.

Follow up of unwell staff: Supervisors who are concerned about a sick staff member may request that the clinical team reach out to them. Supervisors are required to first call the staff member, obtain their permission for the clinical team to call, and get their contact number (preferably cellphone). Please make your request to msdnurses@un.org or call 212-963-7090 during business hours.  

Workplace Safety and Health:  Our staff provide support and guidance on a wide range of issues relating to COVID-19, including cleaning or disinfecting workplaces, protective equipment use, sickness absence, obtaining health care in NY, and emergency response. For questions about workplace safety and health and COVID-19 as a workplace hazard, contact osh@un.org

Counselling: The organization recognizes there can be significant anxiety about the effect of this outbreak, and issues related to isolation, quarantine and obtaining care. If you have concerns about any of these issues, contact the Staff Counsellors Office at scohq@un.org or see the “Wellness’ page of this website.