Where: Nagoda, Sri Lanka 

Area of Work: Women Human Rights Defenders, Engaging Men and Boys for Gender Equality, Youth 

“WE ALL ARE EQUAL” is an awareness programme held to spread awareness on gender awareness and women’s empowerment.  

Sri Lanka, as a developing country in South Asia, is currently demonstrating a great deal of interest in gender equality matters and paying serious attention to achieving the targeted goals. However, even though women are making tantamount strides, women are up against a long history of instability and patriarchal rule. According to the UN Gender Inequality Index, Sri Lanka ranks 74th among 187 countries. While there is hope for a future of gender equality, women in Sri Lanka still lack representation in government and access to employment opportunities while suffering from cultural preconceptions of female roles. 

Further, it is also important to note that many grass root level young people are not enlightened about this gap. They still live in the patriarchal world, blindly abiding by it. Understanding this challenge, there is a need for advocacy programs to make young people enlightened about the realities of society. As to that, the young people at The G17 Consortium conducted a workshop on gender awareness and women empowerment programme for both male and female residents aged between 15-25 in Kalutara Nagoda parish. It was a successful event conducted by the volunteers where they were able to facilitate nearly 100 young people in her community.  

The Objectives of the program, as follow,   

● To advocate for the inclusion of women, young people, and children. 

● To educate young girls and boys about the importance of gender equality.  

● To educate young women about their rights and opportunities. 

●  To introduce the audience to the challenges that need to be overcome to achieve gender inequality. 

Further G17 University Ambassadors Consortium is a program of the Road to Rights Youth-Led Organization. Where in the G17 community, nearly 300 University Ambassadors are appointed to advocate for SDGs. 

Photos provided by The Road to Rights 



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