Where: Accra, Ghana 

Solutions: Biodiversity and nature-based solutions, Capacity-building, Youth 

Giving Life Nature promoted youth empowerment entrepreneurial programs that provide skills to the young people of these districts and give them a pathway to financial benefits. The youths in this program have been kept busy since the closures of schools due to COVID-19 and they have acquired valuable skills to enhance their opportunities. By creating aluminum skill training projects, they are reducing the use of wood needed to for building purposes and saving more trees.  

This initiative helped build up confidence and trust of communities by identifying an issue or a problem shared by the youths, because they will start believing in themselves and how valid and important their opinions may be when deciding to finance themselves in the near future, thus, it boosts their spirit enough to participate in sharing of ideas and coming up with new solution. 

An obstacle faced by the organization was finding the means to acquire the materials that were needed for the youth training. Another obstacle was that the confidence level of the youths started out very low so the organization had to do their best to make the youths believe nothing is impossible and that now is a great time to acquire new skills.  

Photo provided by Giving Life Nature Volunteer 


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