Date: 21 November 2017
Event: World TV Day: Spotlighting Global Issues through Entertainment
Location: United Nations Headquarters, New York

Serinda Swan, actor (Inhumans, Ballers, Graceland) and human trafficking activist

Raeshem Nijhon, producer of MTV's Rebel Music

Rashida Jones

Neal Weinberg, Producer, CNN ASPIREist

Carlos Islam, Special Events Manager, UN Department of Global Communications 

This panel discussion showcased collaborations between film and television professionals and international organizations working to advance global causes, such as protection of the environment, elimination of poverty, and protection of the rights and wellbeing of children. The discussion explored television's impact on decision-making and public awareness of global issues.
Television has entertained and educated the public for generations. It has also served as a vital platform for the United Nations to inform citizens on issues of global reach. In an era in which fake news and hate speech are all too widespread, the need for trustworthy television is more important than ever. The United Nations is counting on broadcasters worldwide to invest in serious, quality content for viewers, to promote understanding and tolerance to help us build a better world for tomorrow. - Ms. Alison Smale, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, United Nations

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CCOI arranged the participation of speakers
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Freedom of expression

Human rights

Sustainable Development Goals

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