Where: Doha, Qatar 

Solutions: Youth, Education and Advocacy, Sustainable Cities and Communities 

Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCM Qatar) have been active for the last 2-3 years in setting their foot in the running ground and finding a niche space for environmental discourse in the country. AYCM Qatar aims to become an independent and informed voice in the country by creating innovative grassroots environmental education and publishing high-quality campaigns, awareness building, research papers, briefings, etc. to support in developing sound environmental policies in the country. 

AYCM Qatar is focusing on the youth community in Qatar as well as the larger community. With a poll of 200+ registered volunteers, they have one of the largest one registered NGO network in Qatar. AYCM Qatar has reached out to more 5000+ young people from schools, universities and early career youth and 10000+ community members directly or virtually through their projects and initiatives. One of the latest programmes is the Environmental Ambassadors of Qatar which has gathered a lot of support within the country.  

The Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCMQ) help created a transformative change in the community by developing holistic environmental learning programs, helped engage the community in various activities and supporting evidence-based policy research with institutions like Qatar Foundation, UNESCO Doha, Schools, Universities, Embassies.  

When AYCM Qatar started climate activism and awareness back in 2015, no one was interested in volunteering with the organization. AYCM Qatar first introduced climate activism and training in Qatar especially leading youth climate movement. They are proud of their persistent work and passions that have helped them overcome the obstacles in spreading the information on climate change how communities can contribute environmental awareness in Qatar. 

Photos provided by AYCM Qatar


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