Engagement with Academia


OSAA engagement with academia as important stakeholders in peace, security and development, has been one of its standing partnership arrangements. It is a two-way knowledge exchange process whereby the Office offers academics and policymakers an opportunity to share learning, ideas and experiences with a view to better and more informed actions in support of Africa’s peace, security and development efforts.

This engagement enables both sides to break down academic knowledge and evidence to extract the key message that can enhance informed understanding of topics of critical importance to Africa, and is in line knowledge society and  Africa’s Agenda 2063 and related preceding documents. The direct involvement of academia in the consultative and analytical work of the office also contributes to overall UN environment bridging the knowledge and policy worlds for enhanced and sustainable outcomes.

Tracks of Engagement

OSAA leverages the vital expertise, knowledge and capacities of leading academics to enrich its analytical and consultative activities at headquarters and in the field. Identified members of academia are:

  • regularly invited to participate in high-level Expert Group Meetings (EGMs) and dialogues organized by the Office.
  • involved in the activities of Africa Week organized in October each year during the UN General Assembly.
  • often commissioned  to develop meeting and public education materials on issues of high importance to Africa;
  • involved in the consultative process for the  UN Monitoring Mechanism  through which the UN reviews the fulfilment/implementation of commitments made to Africa in global conferences.
Furthermore, OSAA staff also holds informal discussions and briefings with visiting students and researchers on topics on Africa.