Peace, Security and Development Nexus (28 - 29 September 2017)

Sharing Research and Knowledge on Managing Transition from Stabilization to Long-term Peacebuilding and Development with African Centres of Excellence

The meeting will to bring together the research, policy and practitioner communities. The overall objective is for these participating stakeholders to develop and refine recommendations to update the knowledge base of African peacekeeping and peacebuilding training centres, building from recent peace operations and post-conflict reconstruction and development experiences in Africa.

Experts from a variety of fields, including academia, government, civil society, the African Union (AU) and the UN will participate in the meeting, including experts with current or recent AU peace support operations and post-conflict reconstruction and development experience.

The objective is cognizant of the context of the AU-UN partnership and the following priority instruments that should guide the delivery model and curriculum of the African peacekeeping and peacebuilding training centres:

  1. Operationalization of the African peace and security and partnership on Africa’s integration and development agenda;
  2. Incorporate conflict prevention into development policies and programme;
  3. Establish a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to track compliance on matters related to social responsibilities;
  4. Facilitate knowledge and experience-sharing through networked and innovative processes, and deliver innovative training;
  5. Enhancing effectiveness by leveraging partnerships; and
  6. Advocacy.

The rationale for consolidating the knowledge base of African peacekeeping and peacebuilding training centres is underpinned by two priorities: first to close the gap between the research and practitioner communities, and second to achieve greater coherence and improve delivery by leveraging through partnerships, best practices frameworks, agendas and initiatives to address Africa’s peace operations, and its post-conflict reconstruction and development challenges and priorities.

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