Regional and Economic Integration in Africa: How to Effectively Involve Africa’s Youth Across the National Borders (18 October 2017)

Briefing by Africa’s Regional Economic Communities to UN Member States and UN System Entities, Africa Week 2017



Wednesday, 18 October, 2017
3:00pm - 6:00pm
ECOSOC Chamber

This briefing will focus on a theme that has been prioritized collectively by the African Regional Economic Communities (RECs), namely “Regional and economic integration in Africa: How to effectively involve Africa's youth across national borders".

The briefing will specifically focus on the role of the RECs as implementing agencies to achieve the desired regional and economic integration. It will highlight persistent challenges and the role of the international community in supporting the RECs in this regard.

The RECs and the delegations from the AUC, NEPAD and the APRM will also participate. As is the practice, the event will provide an opportunity for Member States and other relevant stakeholders to directly engage the RECs.

Speakers and Moderators

At a later date, the list of speakers and moderators will be posted below, along with the statements available to us.