Addressing the Climate Change-Migration Nexus and its Implications for Peace and Security in Africa (19 October 2017)

High-level Event on the Occasion of Africa Week 2017



Thursday, 19 October, 2017
10:00am - 1:00pm
ECOSOC Chamber

As acknowledged by Member States of the United Nations in the December 2015 Paris Agreement, climate change is having a profound effect on the living environments of communities around the world. In some of the regions already most affected by poverty, new and emerging crises brought on by climate change are causing mass displacements of populations. Water shortages, land rendered unusable for agriculture and depletion of lakes are just three of the many severe challenges that the heating up of the Earth’s climate has caused in many corners of the developing world, including in Africa.

Forced migration due to climate change has accelerated in recent years in a number of regions of Africa, triggering increased competition for limited resources and the potential for harsh conflicts. These issues also contribute to the increasing number of African migrants seeking to migrate illegally to places like Europe, at great risk to their personal safety.

Speakers and Moderators

At a later date, the list of speakers and moderators will be posted below, along with the statements available to us.