The Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA) is headed by the Under Secretary-General (USG), Special Adviser on Africa.

The USG and Special Adviser is assisted by a Director, who, under his leadership guides, manages and oversees the work of the Office.

The Office comprises two branches, each headed by a Chief of Branch, namely:

The Coordination, Advocacy and Programme Development Branch (CAPDB)

The CAPDB conducts advocacy to:

In this regard, the CAPDB convenes briefings, high-level events and expert group meetings on the issues related to the linter-linkage between peace, security and development in Africa.

The Branch also coordinates the preparation of the annual Report of the Secretary-General on the Causes of conflict and the promotion of durable peace and sustainable development in Africa and initiates special ad-hoc thematic reports on the peace-development inter-linkage issues in Africa.

The CAPDB convenes the Interdepartmental Task Force on African Affairs (IDTFA) to:

The CAPDB’s partners include:

The Policy Analysis and Monitoring Branch (PAMB)

The PAMB conducts policy analysis and prepares papers and briefs on current, emerging and inter-related issues of economic and social development relating to Africa.

It provides policy and programme advice on Africa on a wide range of issues pertaining to Africa's development and particularly as they relate to the implementation of NEPAD sectoral priorities and Agenda 2063.

In this connection, it conducts research and studies towards informing enhanced UN support to NEPAD, and coordinates the preparation of related Secretary-General's reports, including on the UN Monitoring Mechanism.

The PAMB also provides substantive and technical support to, and participates, as required, in the deliberation of intergovernmental bodies (General Assembly, ECOSOC) and other ad-hoc mechanisms on Agenda 2063 and NEPAD.

In order to conduct its work, the PAMB maintains active partnerships and contacts with:

through regular high-level Expert Group Meetings (EGMs) and events for the Annual Africa Week in the UN Headquarters.

The PAMB also: