Young people hold the empathy, power, and ingenuity to solve problems, in their communities, the world, and everywhere in between. Solv[ED] is designed to spark a sense of agency in young people aged 24 and under, encouraging, inspiring, and supporting them to become problem-solvers in their communities and the world. 

The Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for you to submit your tech-based solution that: 

· Improves learning opportunities and outcomes for learners across their lifetimes, from early childhood on 

· Supports financial and economic opportunities for all 

· Accelerates healthcare access and health outcomes, reducing and, ultimately, eliminating disparities in health 

· Takes action to combat climate change and its impacts 

· Addresses an unmet social, environmental, or economic need not covered in the four topics above. 

Anyone, anywhere around the world can submit a solution to the Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge if they are aged 24 and under. Whether you apply as an individual or as a team, make sure that all applicants listed in your submission are, at most, 24 years old when the challenge closes. There is no cost to submitting a solution. Applications must be written in English. 

Deadline: 18 January 2022 at 11:59 (ET)

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