The Nobel Committee awarded the prize because “The peacekeeping forces of the United Nations have, under extremely difficult conditions, contributed to reducing tensions where an armistice has been negotiated but a peace treaty has yet to be established”.

The Nobel Peace Prize for 1988

"It is the considered opinion of the Committee that the Peacekeeping Forces through their efforts have made important contributions towards the realization of one of the fundamental tenets of the United Nations. Thus, the world organization has come to play a more central part in world affairs and has been invested with increasing trust."

During the Award Ceremony Speech, the Committee requested those gathered to join in honouring the memory of 733 people, who sacrificed their lives while working for the Peacekeeping Forces. "They volunteered to the service, knowing that it could involve risk. It became their lot to pay the highest price a human being can pay."

In its Award Ceremony Speech, the Committee said the Nobel Peace Prize for 1988 should be regarded as a recognition of the whole UN organisation. "It ought to be understood as a serious comment on the fact that we must, united and with our whole hearts, invest in the United Nations."

Javier Pérez de Cuéllar: "Peacekeeping operations symbolise the world community's will to peace."

Secretary-General of the United Nations Javier Pérez de Cuéllar said "The essence of peacekeeping is the use of soldiers as a catalyst for peace rather than as the instruments of war. It is in fact the exact opposite of the military action against aggression foreseen in Chapter VII of the charter." "The technique of peacekeeping, which has already proved itself in fifteen operations all over the world, can help us to cross the line from a world of international conflict and violence to a world in which respect for international law and authority overcomes belligerence and ensures justice."

"Peacekeeping operations symbolise the world community's will to peace and represent the impartial, practical expression of that will. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to these operations illuminates the hope and strengthens the promise of this extraordinary concept."

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