Consejo Económico y Social en sus períodos de sesiones de coordinación y gestión

The Coordination and Management Meeting (CMM) is integral to ECOSOC’s coordinating role at the heart of the UN development system. Held throughout the year, the Council reviews and approves the latest reports from ECOSOC subsidiary and expert bodies in economic, social, environmental and related fields. These reports become the repository of the Council’s expertise on a wide range of issues from drugs and crime to geospatial information.

The process is essential to the UN system delivering the greatest value to the countries it supports around the world. At times, meetings consider special country situations or regional topics calling for concerted focus. Interactive panel discussions elaborate major issues.

Participants include representatives from UN Member States ECOSOC substantive and regional commissions, and expert bodies and UN development agencies, funds and programmes. The Council also interacts with the Secretariat of the Chief Executives Board for Coordination, comprising executive officers from the agencies, funds and programmes.

Information about the July 2016 ECOSOC Coordination and Management Meeting.