Promoting the peace-development nexus

Enhancing peace and development nexus and coordinating support to countries emerging from conflict

The contribution of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) to conflict prevention and peacebuilding emerged in the early 1990s when there was a shared recognition by the security Council, the General Assembly and ECOSOC itself of the need for a comprehensive approach to these issues and for coordinated support to countries emerging from conflict. Throughout the years, ECOSOC has played an “avant-garde” role in developing mechanisms to respond to the problems faced by countries emerging from conflict and to assist them on their path to development. The Council’s work in the area of peace and development includes: 

* Establishment of Ad Hoc Advisory Groups to support countries emerging from conflict

* Advising on Haiti’s long-term development

* Consideration of the UN development system’s support to South Sudan

* Collaboration with the Peacebuilding Commission

Collaboration with the Security Council

* Enhancing the humanitarian-development-peace nexus

* Support to the Sahel region