ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Guinea-Bissau

In its decision 2002/304 of 25 October 2002, the Economic and Social Council established the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Guinea-Bissau. The Group was composed of the Permanent Representatives of South Africa (Chairman), Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, the Netherlands and Portugal. The President of the Economic and Social Council, the Chairman of the Group of Friends of Guinea-Bissau and the Chairman of the Ad Hoc Working Group of the Security Council on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa, also took part in its work.

The mandate of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Guinea-Bissau was “to examine its humanitarian and economic needs, and review relevant programmes of support and prepare recommendations for a long-term programme of support, based on its development priorities through the integration of relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development into a comprehensive approach to peace and stability, as well as provide advice on how to ensure that the assistance of the international community was adequate, coherent, well-coordinated and effective and promoted synergy”. (Decision 2002/304 )

The Council worked closely with the Security Council on Guinea-Bissau, conducting joint missions while the Chair and the ECOSOC President were invited to address the Security Council. On 19 December 2007, Guinea Bissau was added to the agenda of the Peacebuilding Commission. In view of this, the Council terminated the mandate of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Guinea-Bissau in 2008. For detailed information on the ECOSOC Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Guinea-Bissau, please see the chronology of events. [SS1]