2017 Special Meeting of ECOSOC on “Innovations in Infrastructure Development and Promoting Sustainable Industrialization”


The 2017 Special Meeting of ECOSOC will address the theme “Innovations in Infrastructure Development and Promoting Sustainable Industrialization”, putting the spotlight on the relevance of Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG-9) and its inter-linkages with other Goals and targets.  Two preparatory events – in Dakar, Senegal (26 March) and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (24-26 April) – were organised in the lead-up to the Special Meeting.


The 2017 Special Meeting will be held on 31 May 2017, in the ECOSOC Chamber at UN Headquarters, New York.


Resilient infrastructure and sustainable industrialization are key enablers of poverty eradication and can promote inclusion, connectivity and equality within societies.  However, these sectors can be complex and expensive to develop, especially in countries in Africa and countries in special situations.  The Special Meeting will aim to bring the challenges involved to the attention of national, regional and international actors, and to forge solutions to bridge the gaps in infrastructure, industrialization and innovation across countries.


The 2017 Special Meeting will bring together high-level representatives of Member States, representatives of the United Nations system, international organizations, civil society and other non-governmental organizations, academia and the private sector.

The overall initiative is supported by a range of UN entities including FAO, OHRLLS, OSAA, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNECA, UNHABITAT, UNIDO and WIPO, and engaging other organizations such as the African Development Bank, the Africa Union, NEPAD and representatives from academia, civil society and the private sector.

Key documents for the Special Meeting on 31 May

Preparatory regional meeting on “Innovations in Infrastructure Development and Promoting Sustainable Industrialization”, Dakar, Senegal, on 26 March 2017

Global Expert Meeting on “Agriculture and Agro-industries Development towards Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems”, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 24-26 April 2017

  • Concept note [in French]
  • Final programme [in Englishin French]
  • Information Note
  • Background Note [in French]
  • Meeting summary
  • Presentations

    Setting the Stage
    • Dr. Bart Minten, IFPRI: “Global Food Systems of the Future: Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of the SDGs”
    • Dr. Bill Polidoro, ACDI/VOCA: “New Approach to Public Investment in Agriculture and Agro-industries Development for Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems”

    Inter-linkages between SDG-9 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

    • Dr. Amarakoon Bandara, UNDP  Zimbabwe: “Achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”
    • Mrs. Spiwe Nyamatore, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Zimbabwe: “A Country Perspective on Agribusiness, Agro-industries development and the 2030 Agenda”
    • Dr. Augustin Wambo, NEPAD:  “Setting the Agriculture Transformation Component of the SDGs in Motion: Perspectives from CAADP”
    • Mr. Gerardo Pattaconi, UNIDO: “Agribusiness: Value Addition, Job Creation and Global Priorities to Implement SDG-9”

    New Approaches and Ideas on Agriculture and Agro-industries Development for Sustainable Food Systems

    • Mr. Mark Fynn, African Union: “Africa’s Experience”
    • Dr. Oluyede Ajayi, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation: “Innovative Approaches to Promote Finance and Inclusive Access to Climate Resilient and Sustainable Food Systems”
    • Ms. Malala Rabenoro-Rakotomalala, SOFIARY EURL: “Promoting the Involvement of Small holder Farmers in the Development of Agribusiness”
    • Mr. Eric Jallas, ITK: “Using Innovative IT Applications”

    Leveraging public and private funding for inclusive agriculture and agro-industry development

    • Mr. Mark Rostal, DAI: “Value Chain Finance Experiences”
    • Hon. Maria Kiwanuka, Special Presidential Advisor, Uganda: "Access to Finance and Risk Mitigation"
    • Mr. Massimo Pera, FAO: “Innovative Tools and Methodologies to Overcome Barriers in Agribusiness Financing”
    • Ms. Esther Muiruri, Equity Bank, Kenya: “Investment Challenges: A Perspective from the Financial Sector”

    Innovative public sector approaches to agro-industry-driven sustainable food systems development

    • Dr. Julius Ecuru, Bioresources Innovations Network: “Experiences with Technological, Institutional and Social Innovations to Foster Inclusive Value-Chain Development”
    • Mr. Stephen Karingi, UN ECA: “Infrastructure and Regional Integration to Benefit Agro-industry and Agro-enterprises”
    • Mr. Johann Zueblin, PRIME Agri Ltd: “The PRIME Agri-business”
    • Ms. Jodi Smith, Ranadi Plantation Partnership and The Earth Care Agency

    Programme frameworks for agribusiness and agro-industry development and ways forward

    • Dr. David Neven, FAO: “Developing Agribusiness and Agro-industries through Sustainable Food Value Chain Development”
    • Ms. Mary Njeri, African Agribusiness Incubator Network: “New Approach to Promoting Agricultural Innovation and Improving Agribusiness Opportunities”
    • Mr. Frank Hartwich, UNIDO: “New Trends in Agro-industrialization and Perspectives beyond 3ADI”