QCPR IN 2020

In the fall of 2020, the General Assembly (GA) will conduct the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review of UN system operational activities (QCPR).  The QCPR is the overarching tool for Member States to provide policy guidance to the UN development system (UNDS) and hold it accountable. The main Secretariat input into the QCPR will be the Secretary-General’s progress report, which will be discussed at the ECOSOC Operational Activities segment (19-22 May and 27 May 2020). This year, it will focus on four years of implementation of the guidance given by Member States in the previous GA resolution on the QCPR [A/RES/71/243], as well as progress in implementing the GA resolution on the repositioning of the UN development system [A/RES/72/279]. 

The QCPR is expected to build on the outcomes of the 2019 SDG Summit, thus placing an unprecedented focus on supporting Member States in accelerating progress towards the SDGs. Held on the heel of the GA high-level event on the UN 75th anniversary, it may give new impetus and high-level political guidance to the UN development system repositioning and its efforts to work in an effective and impactful way across peace, development, humanitarian affairs and human rights.

Key events connected to the 2020 QCPR 

Mid-May: Issuance of the Secretary-General’s report on the implementation of the QCPR

Mid-May: Issuance of UNSDG Chair’s Report on the Development Coordination Office

May 19-22, 27: 2020 Operational Activities for Development Segment

April to September: UNITAR training series – Full programme

  • Module 1 (24 April) – The QCPR and the UN development system: Video; Material
  • Module 2 (16 June) – A tailored and targeted UNDS’ support to countries’ efforts to advance the 2030 Agenda: Video; Material
  • Module 3 (2 July) – Funding the UN’s operational activities for development and Financing the SDGs: VideoMaterial
  • Module 4 (17 September) - Looking forward to the 2020 QCPR: Video; Materials

October: Negotiations begin on the 2020 QCPR resolution