Agenda, Working Arrangements and Programme of Work

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Year Working arrangements Provisional Agenda
2022 E/RES/2022/1 E/2022/1
2021 E/RES/2021/1 E/2021/1

E/RES/2020/1; E/RES/2020/3; E/RES/2020/4

2019 E/RES/2019/1; Decision 2019/204 E/2019/1
2018 E/RES/2018/1; Decision 2018/204 E/2018/1; E/2018/2
2017 E/RES/2017/1; Decision 2017/206 E/2017/1
2016 E/RES/2016/1 E/2016/1E/2016/100
2015 E/RES/2015/1; Decision 2015/205 E/2015/1; E/2015/2
2014 E/2014/2 E/2014/1

Year Proposed Basic Programme of Work Provisional Agenda – Organizational Session Annotated Provisional Agenda – Substantive Session Proposed Programme of Work - Substantive Session Status of Documentation - Substantive Session
2013 E/2013/1 E/2013/2 E/2013/100 E/2013/L.7 E/2013/L.8
2012 E/2012/1 E/2012/2 E/2012/100 E/2012/L.5 E/2012/L.6
2011 E/2011/1 E/2011/2 E/2011/100 E/2011/L.12 E/2011/L.11
2010 E/2010/1 E/2010/2; E/2010/2/CORR.1 E/2010/100 E/2010/L.5 E/2010/L.6
2009 E/2009/1 E/2009/2; E/2009/2/CORR.1 E/2009/100 E/2009/L.8 E/2009/L.9
2008 E/2008/1 E/2008/2 E/2008/100 E/2008/L.5 E/2008/L.6
2007 E/2007/1 E/2007/2; E/2007/2/CORR.1 E/2007/100 E/2007/L.6 E/2007/L.7
2006 E/2006/1 E/2006/2 E/2006/100 E/2006/L.4 E/2006/L.5
2005 E/2005/1 E/2005/2; E/2005/2/CORR.1 E/2005/100 E/2005/L.9 E/2005/L.10
2004 E/2004/1 E/2004/2 E/2004/100 E/2004/L.7 E/2004/L.8
2003 E/2003/1 E/2003/2 E/2003/100 E/2003/L.5 E/2003/L.6
2002 E/2002/1 E/2002/2 E/2002/100 E/2002/L.7 E/2002/L.8
2001 E/2001/1 E/2001/2 E/2001/100 E/2001/L.10 E/2001/L.11
2000 E/2000/1 E/2000/2 E/2000/100 E/2000/L.6 E/2000/L.7