2020 Management Segment


In accordance with resolution 72/305, “the meetings of the management segment will, in principle, last no more than two days, twice per cycle”. At the 2020 session, the Management Meetings are scheduled to take place on 3 June and 21 July 2020, respectively. The Council will also hold the elections to fill vacancies in its subsidiary bodies during dedicated management meetings in the first half (15 April 2020) and last quarter of the year.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the working arrangements of the Council during its 2020 session, elections for the April Management Meeting were partially conducted through silence procedure. The June Management Meeting has been scaled down to one day and was held as an informal virtual meeting. The July Management Meeting has also been scaled down to one day and will be held with the same virtual arrangements as the June Management Meeting.

The Management Segment serves the following functions:

  • The review of the reports of the Council’s subsidiary and expert and ad hoc bodies; these include the reports of all Functional Commissions, the Regional Commissions, the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, among others.
  • The system-wide coordination and review of specific development issues, with a view to promote a more integrated response to specific areas (for example, gender mainstreaming or non-communicable diseases).
  • The consideration of special country situations and/or regional issues which are on the agenda of ECOSOC (including the work of its Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Haiti). 


Participants at the Management Meetings are composed of Member States, representatives of the Functional Commissions and ECOSOC expert bodies, the Regional Commissions as well as United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes.


The programme of each Management Meeting is structured around actions that ECOSOC is expected to take on the reports of its subsidiary bodies and around the consideration of UN system coordination issues.