Realizing the Future They Want

UN Photo/Evan Schneider


With the aim to bring the voice of youth into the discussion on addressing the challenges for meeting the Millennium Development Goals and shaping the future development agenda, the Forum featured five working sessions where youth representatives had an opportunity to listen to and engage in an interactive discussion.


The primary participants were youth delegates, representatives from the Children and Youth Major Group, youth representatives from Member States, including from National Youth Councils, representatives of regional youth organizations as well as youth-led and youth focused organizations and networks, including those in consultative status with ECOSOC. The meeting was available through webcast and participants were actively involved in social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Official Meeting

The meeting featured various interactive dialogue sessions (Programme). A series of side events, organized by Member States and the United Nations system during these two days, offered an opportunity for the youth representatives to engage with each other on the important challenges that they face.

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