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United Nations Environment Programme 

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UNEP Home Page

UNEP Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya: http://www.unep.org/
UNEP.NET, the Global Environmental Information Network: http://www.unep.net/

UNEP Regional Offices

UNEP Regional Office for Africa: http://www.unep.org/ROA/
UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific: http://www.roap.unep.org/

UNEP Regional Resource Centre for Asia Pacific (formerly UNEP EAP-AP): http://www.eapap.unep.org/

UNEP Regional Office for Europe: http://www.unep.ch/roe/

UNEP Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean: http://www.rolac.unep.mx/

UNEP Regional Office for North America: http://www.rona.unep.org/

UNEP Regional Office for West Asia: http://www.unep.org.bh/

UNEP out-posted offices

UNEP Geneva (all offices): http://www.unep.ch
UNEP Post-Conflict Unit (Geneva): http://postconflict.unep.ch/ (former Balkans Unit http://balkans.unep.ch/)
UNEP Coral Reef Unit (Geneva, Cambridge, Nairobi): http://coral.unep.ch/
UNEP Earthwatch Coordination (Geneva): http://earthwatch.unep.net/
 Information Unit for Conventions (IUC) (Geneva): http://www.unep.ch/conventions/

Geneva Interagency Liaison Office (GLO) (Geneva): http://www.unep.ch/glo/
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) (Cambridge): http://www.unep-wcmc.org
UNEP Division of Technology, Industry & Economics (Paris):


    UNEP Chemicals (Geneva): http://www.chem.unep.ch/

    UNEP Economics, Trade and Environment (Geneva): http://www.unep.ch/etu/

    UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre (Osaka): http://www.unep.or.jp/

Joint UNEP-OCHA Unit (Geneva): http://www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol/programs/response/unep/
UNEP-GEF Project on Development of National Biosafety Frameworks (Geneva): http://www.unep.ch/biosafety/
Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) (Kalmar, Sweden): http://www.giwa.net/
Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities, Coordinating Unit (The Hague): http://www.gpa.unep.org/ 

UNEP Divisions

Division of Early Warning and Assessment (DEWA)
 - Environment Information Networking
       -- Environment and Natural Resources Information Network (ENRIN)
       -- Global Resources Information Database
 - Environment Information Systems
       -- Infoterra
       -- Mercure
 - State of the Environment Reporting (formerly GEMS)
 - UNEP Environment Assessment Programme for Asia and the Pacific (UNEP EAP-AP)
 - World Conservation Monitoring Center (WCMC)
Division of Environmental Policy Development and Law (DPDL)
Division of Environmental Policy Implementation (DEPI)
Division of Technology, Industry & Economics (Paris) (DTIE)
 - Production and Consumption (Paris)
 - Energy and OzonAction (Paris)
 - Chemicals (Geneva)
 - International Environmental Technology Centre (Osaka)
 - Economics and Trade (Geneva)
Division of Regional Cooperation (DRC)
Division of Environmental Conventions (DEC)
Division of Communications and Public Information (DCPI)
Global Environment Facility Coordination Coordination Office (DGEF)

UNEP GRID (Global and Regional Integrated Data centres)

GRID Arendal (Norway): http://www.grida.no/
GRID Bangkok (Thailand): http://www.eapap.unep.org/

GRID Budapest (Hungary): http://www.gridbp.ktm.hu/

GRID Christchurch (New Zealand): http://www.gridc.canterbury.ac.nz/

GRID Geneva (Switzerland): http://www.grid.unep.ch/

GRID-ICIMOD (Katmandu, Nepal): http://www.unep.org/unep/eia/ein/grid/icimod/

        and http://www.icimod.org.sg/

GRID-INPE (Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil): http://www.grid.inpe.br

GRID Moscow (Russia): http://gridmsk.infospace.ru/

GRID Nairobi (Kenya): http://www.unep.org/unep/eia/ein/grid/web/document/grid.htm (1996)

GRID Sioux Falls (USA): http://www.na.unep.net/

GRID Tbilisi (Georgia): http://www.gridtb.org/
GRID Tsukuba (Japan): http://www-cger.nies.go.jp/grid-e/

GRID Warsaw (Poland): http://www.gridw.pl/

The UNEP Meta-data Directory: http://www.grid.unep.ch/activities/metadata/mdd/

UNEP Convention Secretariats

Basel Convention (Geneva): http://www.basel.int/
Convention on Biological Diversity (Montreal): http://www.biodiv.org/

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) (Geneva): http://www.cites.org/

Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) (Bonn): http://www.unep-wcmc.org/cms/

Ozone Secretariat (Nairobi) and Montreal Protocol (Montreal): http://www.unep.org/ozone/

Rotterdam Convention on Trade in Hazardous Chemicals (PIC): http://www.pic.int/
Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants: http://www.chem.unep.ch/sc


UNEPnet Implementation Centre (Norway): http://www.centre.unep.net/
UNEPnet Almaty (Kazakhstan): http://www.neapsd.kz/

UNEPnet Bangkok (Thailand): http://www.eapap.unep.org/

UNEPnet Beijing (China): http://svr1-pek.unep.net/ 

UNEPnet Hanoi (Vietnam): http://nea.vn.unep.net/

UNEPnet Havana (Cuba): http://www.centre.unep.net/Cuba/index.htm and http://www.centre.unep.net/Cuba/AMA/

UNEPnet Katmandu (Nepal): http://www.mope.gov.np/

UNEPnet La Paz (Bolivia): http://www.rds.org.bo/

UNEPnet Manama (Bahrain): http://www.eef.org.bh/

UNEPnet Maputo (Mozambique): http://svr1-mpm.unep.net/

UNEPnet Niamey (Niger): http://svr1-nim.unep.net/ or http://www.centre.unep.net/Niger/MELCD/

UNEPnet San Jose (Costa Rica): http://minaedse.cr.unep.net/

UNEPnet Vienna (Austria):http://www.ubavie.gv.at/

Mercure satellite communications system: http://www.estec.esa.nl/mercure/homepage.htm

UNEPnet services (intranet): http://www1.unep.org/

Regional Seas Programmes

UNEP Regional Seas: http://www.unep.ch/seas/
Caribbean Environment Programme (Kingston): http://www.cep.unep.org/

East Asian Seas - Regional Coordinating Unit (EAS/RCU):


Mediterranean Action Plan (Athens): http://www.unepmap.gr/

Mediterranean Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre (Tunis):

Regional Seas Programmes not part of UNEP:

Black Sea Environmental Programme (Istanbul):
     http://www.dominet.com.tr/blacksea/index.htm (Coordinating Unit)

     http://bsein.mhi.iuf.net (Black Sea Environmental Internet Node)

Caspian Environmental Programme: http://caspianenvironment.org/
South-East Pacific Action Plan (Comission Permanente del Pacifico Sur - CPPS) (Quito): http://www.cpps.org/

South Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) (Apia): http://www.sprep.org.ws/

Collaborating centres and joint activities

UNEP Collaborating Centre on Water and Environment: http://www.ucc-water.org/
UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment: http://www.risoe.dk/sys-ucc/

UNEP Finance Initiatives: http://www.unepfi.net/
UNEP/GEMS Collaborating Centre for Freshwater Quality Monitoring and Assessment at the National Water Research Institute of Environment Canada: http://www.cciw.ca/gems/intro.html

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (Geneva): http://www.ipcc.ch/

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: http://www.ma-secretariat.org/
UN System-wide Earthwatch (Geneva): http://earthwatch.unep.net/

UNEP/OCHA Emergency Response: http://www.reliefweb.int/ocha_ol/
UNEP/UNCTAD Mineral Resources Forum - Environment: http://mineralresourcesforum.unep.ch/
UNEP Working Group on Sustainable Product Development (Amsterdam): http://unep.frw.uva.nl/

CIAT/World Bank/UNEP Environmental and Sustainability Indicators project:


UNEP/IUCN Joint Environmental Law Information Service (ECOLEX): http://www.ecolex.org/
UNEP Global Environment Outlook (GEO) Support System - GEOSS (for GEO collaborators - password required) http://geoss.unep.org/

CEROI - Cities Environment Reports on the Internet http://www.ceroi.net/
UNEP/UNCHS Urban Water website http://www.un-urbanwater.net/
International Coral Reef Action Network: http://www.icran.org

Baltic On-line Interactive Geographical and Environmental Information Service: http://boing.fimr.fi/

Other sites of Interest

UNEP GEF Interactive Forum: http://gef-forum.unep.org/
UNEP on-line bookstore: http://earthprint.com or http://www.terraprint.org

UNEP magazine Our Planet: http://www.ourplanet.com

UNEP Sustainable Agri-Food Production and Consumption Forum: http://www.agrifood-foru

WRI Earthtrends portal: http://earthtrends.wri.org/
Business-to-Business On-line Halon Trader: http://www.halontrader.org
International Environment House (Geneva): http://www.environmenthouse.ch/

Geneva Environment Network - on-line library catalogue: http://genlib.unep.ch


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