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EEA Core Set of Indicators available from:

Technical report: EEA core set of indicators; revised version April 2003. Available for download in pdf format.

A list of environmental indicators is available from: http://themes.eea.eu.int/all_indicators_box

All environmental indicators' fact sheets are availble from: http://themes.eea.eu.int/all_factsheets_box

European Commission, Eurostat and Joint Research Centre

Institute for Systems, Informatics and Safety (ISIS)

Environmental & Sustainable Development indicators: http://esl.jrc.it/envind/

including the "Dashboard of Sustainability". 

"Towards Environmental Pressure Indices for the EU": http://www.e-m-a-i-l.nu/tepi/

"A European System of Environmental Pressure Indices" European Commission, DG 34/F3 (Eurostat/Environment Unit) - April 1999: http://esl.jrc.it/envind/theory/handb_.htm 

Mediterranean Region

Blue Plan

To facilitate and illustrate the observation of the links between development and the environment, the Blue Plan has developed numerous projects relating to indicators in the Mediterranean region.

Indicators in the Mediterranean Region: http://www.planbleu.org/vanglaise/3-5a.htm

Environmental performance indicators (EPI): http://www.planbleu.org/vanglaise/3-5a1.htm

Indicators for sustainable development (ISD) in the Mediterranean: http://www.planbleu.org/vanglaise/3-5a2.htm

A glossary (pdf–885 Ko), which provides the definition and the unit of each indicator as well as indications of method and sources: http://www.planbleu.org/pdf/Glossary.pdf

A first grouping of "indicator sheets" that present the definition and interest of each indicator and illustrate its values and changes in the Mediterranean: http://www.planbleu.org/vanglaise/3-5a3.htm



Environmental and Sustainability Indicators web page has the most recent information on this project developing indicators for Latin America and the Caribbean at
http://www.ciat.cgiar.org/indicators/. The project has produced an Atlas de IndiCaDores ambientales y de sustentabilidad para América Latina y el Caribe, Version 1 1998 on CD-ROM.


Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Towards Indicators of Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific
United Nations, New York, 1997 - 98 p.  ST/ESCAP/1742




The South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) is continuing its work to develop an Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI). A first proposal for an Environmental Vulnerability Index appropriate for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) was released by SOPAC on 4 February 1999 (see Executive Summary). This work was further developed at an Environmental Vulnerability Index (EVI) Think Tank, 7-10 September 1999 in Pacific Harbour, Fiji, for which a report is now available. A second phase report testing the index in 5 countries will be available soon.

The project responds to the request of the 1994 Barbados Programme of Action for SIDS to develop a vulnerability index, and complements work on economic and social vulnerability that has already demonstrated the disadvantages suffered by SIDS. SOPAC has established a homepage for the Environmental Vulnerability Index project on its web site at http://www.sopac.org.fj/Projects/Evi/index.html  where the reports can be obtained.

See also the Report of the ad hoc expert group meeting on vulnerability indices for small island developing States (New York, 15-16 December 1997)

Indicators relevant to the environmental vulnerability of islands can also be found in the Island Directory. These are specific to individual islands, rather than aggregated at the national level for SIDS.


OECD work on sustainable agriculture and the environment with examples of indicators

  • Environmental Indicators for Agriculture Volume 3: Methods and Results (E-book PDF Format)
    OECD 2001, Code 512001011E1
  • Environmental Indicators for Agriculture
    Volume 2:  Issues and Design -- The York Workshop
    OECD Code (51 1999 05 1P)  ISBN 92-64-17041-3,  213 pages,

    September  1999.

    Available in French:
    Indicateurs environnementaux pour l'agriculture
    Volume 2:  Questions clés et conception  -- Le séminaire de York
    OCDE Cote (51 1999 05 2P) ISBN 92-64-27041-8,   221 pages, Septembre 1999

Agreement on a set of agri-environmental indicators for policy use is on the verge of being accepted by OECD countries.  To be used by governments and other stakeholders for policy analysis, these indicators will eventually provide a series of key benchmarks to monitor change, and are potentially applicable to non-member OECD countries.

These books are part of a series of publications entitled Environmental Indicators for Agriculture:

* Volume 1: Concepts and Framework, was initially released in 1997.

* Volume 3: Methods and Results, published in 2001, provides, for the first time, series of key agri-environmental indicators, across OECD countries, for the areas listed.

* Volume 4: to be published in 2001, will report work on the use of
indicators in policy analysis.

OECD work on Environmental Performance, Indicators and Outlooks with examples of indicators

  • OECD Environmental Indicators: Towards Sustainable Development 2001
    OECD Code 972001091P1

The publications can be ordered from the OECD Bookshop at: http://oecdpublications.gfi-nb.com/ cgi-bin/oecdbookshop.storefront






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