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Earthwatch Working Party

8th Working Party

The 8th meeting of the Earthwatch Working Party will be held on the 13 and 14 October 2004 at the UNEP offices in Geneva.

Documents available:

  • Provisional Agenda UNEP/EWWP8/1
  • Briefing Note - Input to Informal Teleconference 26 September 2003 UNEP/EWWP8/2
  • Meeting notes of Earthwatch Informal Teleconference 26.09.2003 UNEP/EWWP8/3
  • Report of the Informal Inter-Agency Meeting on Strengthening the Scientific Base of UNEP UNEP/EWWP8/4


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8th Working Party
Briefing Note
Teleconference Meeting Notes

Strenghtening Scientific Base of UNEP


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