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Following earlier changes in Earthwatch, now with the retirement of Mr. Arthur Dahl per September 1 2002, the Earthwatch coordination functions have effectively been divided between the Chief of the UNEP/DEWA Assessment Branch, Mr. Ivar Baste, and the Earthwatch Programme Officer at UNEP/DEWA/GRID-Geneva, Mr. Jaap van Woerden. Mr. Baste will handle the strategic and political aspects, while Mr. Van Woerden will be responsible for the day-to-day substantive and operational aspects (data exchange, website supervision, input for GEO, preparation of Earthwatch meetings, etc).

The Earthwatch secretariat in Geneva is further supported by Mrs. Beatrice Malinverni, administrative secretary; and by Mrs Diana Rizzolio, responsible for the Earthwatch website, and in her absence Ms. Akiko Harayama.

Earthwatch Coordination

For questions related to Earthwatch activities and events please contact:

United Nations Environment Programme
International Environment House
Ch. des Anémones 11
1219 Châtelaine

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