United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

12 November 1984


                                                   12 November 1984
                                                   Meeting no. 57
          39/11.  Right of peoples to peace
     The General Assembly,
     Having considered the item entitled "Right of peoples to peace",
     Convinced that a proclamation of the right of peoples to peace would
contribute to the efforts aimed at the strengthening of international peace
and security,
     1.   Approves the Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace, the text
of which is annexed to the present resolution;
     2.   Requests the Secretary-General to ensure the widest dissemination of
the Declaration to States, intergovernmental and non-governmental
organizations as well as other appropriate organizations.
                 Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace
     The General Assembly,
     Reaffirming that the principal aim of the United Nations is the
maintenance of international peace and security,
     Bearing in mind the fundamental principles of international law set forth
in the Charter of the United Nations,
     Expressing the will and the aspirations of all peoples to eradicate war
from the life of mankind and, above all, to avert a world-wide nuclear
     Convinced that life without war serves as the primary international
prerequisite for the material well-being, development and progress of
countries, and for the full implementation of the rights and fundamental human
freedoms proclaimed by the United Nations,
     Aware that in the nuclear age the establishment of a lasting peace on
Earth represents the primary condition for the preservation of human
civilization and the survival of mankind,
     Recognizing that the maintenance of a peaceful life for peoples is the
sacred duty of each State,
     1.   Solemnly proclaims that the peoples of our planet have a sacred
right to peace;
     2.   Solemnly declares that the preservation of the right of peoples to
peace and the promotion of its implementation constitute a fundamental
obligation of each State;
     3.   Emphasizes that ensuring the exercise of the right of peoples to
peace demands that the policies of States be directed towards the elimination
of the threat of war, particularly nuclear war, the renunciation of the use of
force in international relations and the settlement of international disputes
by peaceful means on the basis of the Charter of the United Nations;
     4.   Appeals to all States and international organizations to do their
utmost to assist in implementing the right of peoples to peace through the
adoption of appropriate measures at both the national and the international