United Nations


General Assembly


5 May 1994


Agenda item 10 
Algeria* and China: draft resolution 
Expression of gratitude to the people and 
Government of Barbados 
The Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small  
Island Developing States, 
Having met in Bridgetown at the invitation of the Government of  
Barbados from 25 April to 6 May 1994, 
1.Extends its deep appreciation to His Excellency the Prime  
Minister of Barbados, Mr. L. Erskine Sandiford, for his outstanding  
contribution as President of the Global Conference on the  
Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States to the  
successful outcome of the Conference; 
2.Expresses its profound gratitude to the Government of Barbados  
for having made it possible for the Conference to be held in  
Bridgetown and for the excellent facilities, staff and services so  
graciously placed at its disposal; 
3.Requests the Government of Barbados to convey to the people of  
Barbados the gratitude of the Conference for the hospitality and  
warm welcome extended to the participants. 
*On behalf of the States Members of the United Nations that are  
members of the Group of 77. 

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