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4 May 1994


Agenda item 10 
Draft report 
Rapporteur-General: Mr. Kinza CLODUMAR (Nauru) 
Chapter I 
A. Date and place of the Conference 
1.The Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small  
Island Developing States was held at Bridgetown, Barbados, from 25  
April to 6 May 1994, in conformity with General Assembly resolution  
47/189 of 22 December 1992. During that period the Conference held  
__ plenary meetings. 
Pre-Conference consultations 
2.Pre-Conference consultations open to all States invited to  
participate in the Conference were held at Bridgetown on 24 April  
1994 to consider a number of procedural and organizational matters.  
These and other informal consultations were conducted under the  
chairmanship of His Excellency Mr. Besley Maycock, the Permanent  
Representative of Barbados to the United Nations. The report on the  
consultations (A/CONF.167/L.3) was submitted to the Conference and  
the recommendations contained in it were accepted as the basis for  
the organization of the Conference's work. 
B94052 (E)/... 
C. Attendance 
3.The following States were represented at the Conference: 
Antigua and BarbudaJapan 
AustriaLao People's Democratic Republic 
BrazilMarshall Islands 
Brunei DarussalamMauritania 
CambodiaMicronesia (Federated States of) 
Cape VerdeNauru 
ColombiaNew Zealand 
Cook IslandsPakistan 
Costa RicaPapua New Guinea 
C<244>te d'IvoirePhilippines 
CubaRepublic of Korea 
DenmarkRussian Federation 
DominicaSaint Kitts and Nevis 
Dominican RepublicSaint Lucia 
EgyptSaint Vincent and the Grenadines 
Equatorial GuineaSamoa 
FijiSao Tome and Principe 
FranceSierra Leone 
GermanySolomon Islands 
GrenadaSri Lanka 
Guinea BissauSudan 
Holy SeeSwitzerland 
IndonesiaTrinidad and Tobago 
United Kingdom of Great Venezuela 
Britain and Northern IrelandYemen 
United Republic of TanzaniaZaire 
United States of AmericaZambia 
4.The following associate members of the regional commissions were  
represented by observers: 
American Samoa 
British Virgin Islands 
French Polynesia 
Hong Kong 
Netherlands Antilles 
New Caledonia 
Northern Mariana Islands 
United States Virgin Islands 
5.The secretariats of the following regional commissions were  
Economic Commission for Africa 
Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 
6.The following United Nations bodies and programmes were also  
United Nations Children's Fund 
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 
United Nations Development Programme 
United Nations Development Fund for Women 
United Nations Volunteers 
United Nations Environment Programme 
United Nations Population Fund 
United Nations University 
United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) 
United Nations International Drug Control Programme 
7.The following specialized agencies and related organizations were  
International Labour Organization 
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 
International Civil Aviation Organization 
World Health Organization 
World Bank 
International Monetary Fund 
International Telecommunication Union 
World Meteorological Organization 
International Maritime Organization 
World Intellectual Property Organization 
United Nations Industrial Development Organization 
8.The following intergovernmental organizations, regional and  
subregional organizations were represented by observers: 
African Development Bank 
Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation 
Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee 
Caribbean Community 
Caribbean Development Bank 
Central American Commission for Environment and Development 
Caribbean Meteorological Organization 
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 
Commonwealth Secretariat 
Commission of the Indian Ocean 
European Commission 
Inter-American Development Bank 
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 
International Council on Scientific Unions 
International Organization for Migration 
International Organization for Standardization 
Latin American Economic System 
Latin American Fisheries Development 
Organization of American States 
Organization of Eastern Caribbean States 
South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission 
South Pacific Forum 
South Pacific Regional Environment Programme 
Tata Energy Research Institute 
University of the South Pacific 
University of the West Indies 
World Conservation Union 
World Tourism Organization 
9.A large number of non-governmental organizations attended the  
Conference. The list of non-governmental organizations  
participating is given in document A/CONF.167/PC/L.. 
D. Opening of the Conference 
10.The Conference was declared open by the Secretary-General of the  
United Nations. 
E. Election of the President 
11.At the 1st plenary meeting, on 25 April, the Conference elected,  
by acclamation, as President of the Conference, His Excellency  
Mr. L. Erskine Sandiford, Prime Minister of Barbados. 
12.The inaugural address of the President of the Conference is  
contained in annex __ below. 
F. Adoption of the rules of procedure 
13.At the 1st plenary meeting, on 25 April, the Conference adopted  
the provisional rules of procedure (A/CONF.167/2) as recommended by  
the Preparatory Committee and approved by the General Assembly in  
paragraph 7 of its resolution 48/193 of 21 December 1993, and as  
recommended in paragraph 5 of the report of the pre-Conference  
consultations (A/CONF./167/L.3). 
G. Adoption of the agenda 
14.At the 1st plenary meeting, on 25 April, the Conference adopted  
as its agenda the provisional agenda (A/CONF.167/1) as recommended  
by the Preparatory Committee and approved by the General Assembly  
in paragraph 7 of its resolution 48/193 of 21 December 1993, and as  
recommended in paragraph 6 of the report of the pre-Conference  
consultations. The agenda as adopted was as follows: 
1.Opening of the Conference. 
2.Election of the President. 
3.Adoption of the rules of procedure. 
4.Adoption of the agenda. 
5.Election of officers other than the President. 
6.Organization of work, including establishment of the Main  
Committee of the Conference. 
7.Credentials of representatives to the Conference: 
(a)Appointment of the members of the Credentials Committee; 
(b)Report of the Credentials Committee. 
8.General debate. 
9.Consideration of plans and programmes to support the sustainable  
development of small island developing States and the  
utilization of their marine and coastal resources, which  
includes meeting essential human needs, maintaining  
biodiversity, and improving the quality of life for  
island people, as well as measures that will enable small  
island developing States to cope effectively, creatively  
and in a sustainable manner with environmental changes  
and to mitigate the impacts on and reduce the threats  
posed to marine and coastal resources: 
(a)Consideration of proposals for a Barbados declaration; 
(b)Consideration of the draft programme of action for the  
sustainable development of small island developing  
10.Adoption of the report of the Conference. 
H. Election of officers other than the President 
15.At the 1st plenary meeting, on 25 April, the Conference elected  
Vice-Presidents from the following regional groups: 
African States: Mauritius and Niger. 
Asian States: China and Samoa. 
Eastern European States: Hungary. 
Latin American and Caribbean States: Cuba. 
Western European and other States: Germany and New Zealand. 
16.Also at the 1st plenary meeting, the Conference elected an  
ex officio Vice-President from the host country, His Excellency  
Mr. Branford M. Taitt, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Barbados. 
17.At the same meeting, the Conference elected  
Ms. Penelope Anne Wensley (Australia) Chairman of the Main  
18.At the 9th plenary meeting, on 2 May, Croatia, of the Eastern  
European States, was elected Vice-President of the Conference. 
19.At the same meeting, Italy, of the Western European and other  
States, was elected Vice-President of the Conference, to fill the  
vacancy created by the resignation of Germany. 
I. Appointment of the members of the Credentials Committee 
20.At the 1st plenary meeting, on 25 April, in conformity with rule  
4 of the rules of procedure of the Conference and the  
recommendation of the pre-Conference consultations contained in  
paragraph 16 of document A/CONF.167/3, the Conference established a  
Credentials Committee composed of Austria, Bahamas, Chile, China,  
C<244>te d'Ivoire, Mauritius, Russian Federation, Thailand and United  
States of America. 
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