UNSCAR: UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation

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UNSCAR is a flexible multi-donor, United Nations-managed fund supporting arms regulations.

UNSCAR aims to:

  • mobilize resources to support the ratification/accession and implementation of relevant international instruments on arms regulations;
  • improve effectiveness of assistance through coordination, monitoring and matching of resources;
  • promote increased sustainability through more predictable sources of funding.

Who is eligible for funding?

UN partners, international/regional organizations, NGOs, research institutes.

Governments wishing to receive assistance should work with an eligible applicant.

Call for Proposals

Through an annual open competitive process, UNSCAR will consider providing funds for proposals to be implemented in the following year. The 2021 Call for Proposals took place from September to November 2021. Ten projects were selected and will be implemented in 2022 (see below), subject to successful conclusion of  UNSCAR funding agreements.  The 2022 Call for Proposals is expected in the summer/fall 2022. The details will be announced in this webpage in July 2022. 

2022 Projects

List of Selected Applications (2021-2022)

This selection is indicative, subject to conclusion of funding agreements between UNSCAR and respective applicants. The 2021 Call for Proposals document remains available for potential future applicants to understand the current thematic priorities and requirements for UNSCAR funding.

Inquiries: unscar-unoda@un.org

2022 Call for Contributions

UNSCAR seeks financial contributions for the 2022 funding cycle from governments and private sector. Donors will join UNSCAR’s Strategic Planning Group to provide policy guidance for UNSCAR and to discuss selection of proposals.