IATG Implementation Support Toolkit

The web-based applications in this toolkit support the implementation of the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG). Ammunition experts are invited to use the resources on this website to implement best-practices that will improve the safety, security and efficiency in conventional ammunition stockpile management. These tools may also be used to communicate safety and security requirements to policy-makers and other stakeholders.

Risk management

Risk reduction checklist

This tool is used to assess an ammunition stockpile's risk level. The goal of a conventional ammunition stockpile management organisation should be to make sure that stockpile management processes are maintained at Risk Reduction Process Level 1 as a minimum.

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Quantity-Distance Map

A Quantity-Distance (Q-D) is the minimum permissible distance between a Potential Explosive Site (PES) and an Exposed Site (ES) based on the Net Explosive Quantity (NEQ) of explosives in a given Hazard Division (HD). This map, which is for illustrative purposes, displays Quantity-Distances for explosives in HD 1.1

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Explosion Consequence Analysis (ECA)

An Explosion Consequence Analysis (ECA) is a structured process, utilizing explosives science and explosives engineering, to provide scientific evidence of the potential hazard or risk to individuals and property from blast effects and fragmentation in the event of an undesirable explosive event.

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