About: International Ammunition Technical Guidelines

The Guides defines the role of IATG, their structure, and establishes the guiding principles for their proper use, if appropriate, by national authorities, international organisations and organisations involved with the planning and implementation of conventional ammunition stockpile management processes. On the left is a list of the IATG guideline documents that can be opened from this window in Adobe Acrobat.

Complementing the IATG, the International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) provide practical guidance on putting in place effective national controls over the full lifecycle of small arms and light weapons.

International Ammunition Technical Guidelines
Version 2 English (updated 2015)

The International Ammunition Technical Guidelines provide a frame of reference which encourages national authorities responsible for conventional ammunition stockpile management to achieve and demonstrate effective levels of safety and security.

They provide a common language, are based on sound and accepted explosive science, recommend an integrated risk and quality management system, and allow for a progressive, integrated improvement in safety and security in line with available resources.