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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.


Not the arrival of spring
But what is needed is the blooming of smiles
The robe end of soul
Ought to flutter like a white flag
In the flowing river of blood
Not as a warehouse of flesh and blood
But a vision is needed to view the man
As a tender leafy tower of friendship
If the resting places of yester years
Turn into today's graveyard ruins
The gardens of humanity of the day
Will turn to be desert lands of morrow
And lay shattered as fragmented dreams
In the storm of the despotic breaths
To quell the fire of hunger is scientific,
Than to create a nuclear warhead
Not the sensational news about successful cloning
It is noble to breathe fire into a lamp on the wane
The blaze of Hiroshima violence
The grief of corpses at Nagasaki
Stand as signs of clamped ban on the breath
The crushing of the young at the Tiananmen Square
And the hate ritual of corpses in Lebanon
Are undoubtedly the brutal axe blow
On the roots of humanity
What is to be achieved by killing the man?
An empire of the graves?
Or a rule of the waste lands?
Forget your identities
And come, forgetting your enmities
Chisel the man as the heir of the Christ and Buddha
Erect him as the refulgent white peak,
And hoist him as the flag of peace!


Slowly I open the life and look into
There I find my self split into numerous shadows...
I touch the warm bubbles of blood therein
And I feel as if broken into pieces
I wade through life as half dead
Feeling lonesome , solitary in a crowd
Having a monologue in a language
I apply to myself
Blinking eyes
I stay here like a dog on leash
I am a loner in the crowd
For that matter you, me, he, and all of us...
Different may be
Our ways
Our languages
Our problems
And our thoughts too may be different
But ours is an ancient humanistic outlook
Let us be together
As I know you
And as you comprehend me
Let us live becoming one along with humanity
Placing heart to heart lets turn into a garland of hearts
For we are the wounded
If you call me to live together
I shall spread my dreams in welcome
Yours may be revolution or rebellion
A battle or an internecine feud
To make your dreams true
You may divide the thresholds
But I remain as the roof of the house..

Different may be
Our nations
Our borders
And our communities may be different too

Bearing the same color blood
We are all born from the world's womb
All the minutes I live I would sacrifice for a peaceful world
The property I have all
Is just the mad courage of love..!

To touch me coming from global family
One must be the personification of love
To shake hands with me
One must have bathed in the
Oceans of beauty of harmonious love and life.!


This fist-full of earth in my hand
Can you tell me of which country and land?
Take a piece of smile and boil on fire
Try turning it into a drop of tear

Imprisoned in the riddle of falsity
When you remain like a tree-solitary
Never comes true; your green reverie

As long as synthetic camaraderies
Walk hand in hand with smiles wry
Oceans between man and man never dry

Try ever changing your colors and livery
For selfish gains in life-movie
You still find your history
Rooted to earth through your feet, firmly

But when you try to see beyond your land;
Your sky; your creed, caste and your blood
You sure will find a benevolent great new world
Waiting keen for you with stretched out hands!!!

Stop flowing like burning lavas of ill will
Try the way a cuckoo's soothing trill
Moistens the desiccated desert's gullet
And a dew drop gleams hope on a mirage sill

It's all yours; this whole universe
Embrace it all... between the earth and the heavens
Paint a portrait of a new humane countenance
That is naive of knives, land mines and guns
And knows just love, love and love alone
To make at last the human to win
His avowed phenomenon as true human

— Rama Krishna Perugu


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