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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

War at a Ring

                                      Two wrestlers fight it out in the ring
                                    One was American and one was Japanese.
                                     The American brags as he is a king.
                              The Japanese wrestler is scared as he freezes.

                                      The American wrestler is on a roll.
                                    The Japanese is, indeed of some help.
                             The American punches him as he is in control.
                                 A wrestling fan leads out a long, loud yelp.

                            The American tries to finish him up with a bomb.
                                       He does so with an atomic drop.
                   It’s lights out for the Japanese wrestler, as he can’t feel his palm
                        The American is victorious and his cheer couldn’t stop.

                        After the match, the American continues the brutal assault.
                         I, myself in attendance at the match, am not so pleased
                           Why can’t people get along and accept one’s fault?
                   Why are they still fighting lie it’s a war when they both can be eased?

                             War should be stop and peace should be brought
                                    Let’s make peace with sweet desire
                                         No fate, no hate, and no war
                    For God’s  sake, stop the inhumanity in this planet called Earth

— Jordi Ochoa


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