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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

Guidance of the Dawn (Gone without Goodbyes)

As I sit by window

Glaring into the light of the night

When the moons shines; comes and goes

Like a thief- out of sight

I heard murmurs downstairs

Of my parents talking, some words in great despair

Of people these days

Going back and forth through life

No confidence, no strive

Not even something to thrive

Some may say

"Oh I’ve pride and such,

Maybe even some knowledge today"

But the days go by and by

Without a single feeling of hello and goodbye

Because of the fact that now

We’re looking for peace

Some describe that as victory

A chance to be and have won

A goal or a journey that needed to be done

Then some say it’s passion for things put to play

With liveliness and wisdom that we may need someday

But peace is a virtue

Peace is a song

So sweet it is sung

You should come and sing along

Peace is a shadow that follows you in the light

So that it guides and keeps you from all scare and fright

Opposite peace is hate

And destruction which are gates

To the sadness of a unity

That is now lost due to this poor state

Can no one comfort that man who now sits alone?

For the peace in his country is something he cannot own

With the fire and the burning, flashes of orange and gray

The man now has nothing more to say

For his beloved is gone and so is his son

In the destruction that came,

Is there anything to be done?

Now you see that little girl,

In the streets, holding that small white pearl

Cherry blossoms and roses petals float in midair

They seem relaxed in the midst of all these things which are unfair

A last gift, a last song

Will no one come along?

To give this child a helping hand

And as the booms and bangs echo on the streets

She cries for her parents

Who she doesn’t come to meet

And as she catches glimpse of a one wounded man

One who won’t wake up with any notion or plan?

Just like those many that become unconscious

In the depths of war, who never see daylight again?

"So listen closely", my Mother says

As she holds tight to my hand

"God gave man a chance and I just don’t understand

Why none of them can hold on to

That peace in their hands

Why must we kill, why must we hate,

Do they want to see that little girl just crying on that gate?

With a ragged ole’ bear, clinging on to it with a chance to sit and wait

For someone to bring her home again

Don’t they understand the tears that had weld up in their eyes?

The tragedy of a gone without goodbye"

But like the night in its vastness

And the stars in its place, shining every so bright

There’s always a dawn that shows Heaven’s light

There might be a chance

Yes there might be way

For someone who might free us someday

From this destruction and power,

Man thinks he holds in his hand

To replace it with character, with love, and just stand

On his own two feet, for peace, not just for the land

So I sit at my window and wonder just once more

As I see the morning down come right ashore

Colors of red, colors of yellow, and a touch of purple

Silent but peaceful

Mellow, but sharp

Just a peak of light

Coming quick and silent, peaceful without fright

God’s handiwork - the breaking of the dawn

There’s hope, I know it

I know it for sure

For yesterday, for today and tomorrow

For peace

— Kiara McDonald


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