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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

And so I saw, beautiful people from a common place,
killing one another for a common space, 
our traits, 
although maybe different, we are from the same race,
that together makes humanity,
is the white, black, arab, asian, hispanic, or east indian mans vanity,
so great that he compromises his own soul and sanity. 
Through weapons of mass destruction and all other sources of weapontry,
to deaden he, whose ideology you and yours may disagree, 
has mans whole essence in conflict, with the religious and spiritual principles
    he claims to be in line with.
And see i love my fellow man,
and although i am not perfect, both you and my purpose, is not to destroy the land,
or other humans,
through death penalties, war, oppression, starvation or other devious plans.
Dear God remove the weapons and guns out their hands, 
dear God remove the weapons and guns out their hands.

Why do we hate each other,
why does my enemy hate my brother, sister, cousin, kids and my mother,
even though I do not know your sister, I love her.
Why does man hate himself,
why does he steal and kill for this illusion called wealth, 
why do the prosperous ones disregard you and your peoples health,
where is the love better yet where is the help,
so much fascination with killing until one of your own is killed.
And still we kneel,
portraying to others that we are fighting for freedom, peace and justice but 
    this is not real,
separation by various nations will never equate to tranquil,
until we eliminate borders, boundaries, and substitute reformatories for prisons,
Dr. King had a dream and I had a vision,
that everyday man reflected love to one another like everyday was christmas
    or thanksgiving.
But then I awake to this nightmare,
of f bombs, missles, nuclear weapons, guns, cold stares and other means of warfare,
does the world care,
because we are sending a message that in our bodies no hearts reside there.
Righteous men and women it is time to take a stand,
remove the weapons and guns out of mankind's hands, remove the weapons 
    and guns out of mankind's hands.

— Hasani Mahdi


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