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Poetry for Peace Contest

The Poetry for Peace contest was held from 15 September until 14 October 2011. The winners were anounced at a ceremony at UN headquarters in New York.

Below is one of the contest entries.

Is it unattainable by the way?!!

Is peace unattainable by the way?
Finding matching wavelengths..
Working on the possibilities...
Implying strict rule of brotherhood
Stewing of the soothing fragrance of tolerance
Is it really the way?!

The pattern of ubiquitous morale should spread every way
If this moisture so sweet, goes impervious,
Have we, the control over the disastrous catastrophe consuming our existence?! 

Is amity between hearts unattainable by the way?!
Painting the scenarios of situations with love
Gluing one soul to the other with oneness
Global initiation of combining the roads of thoughts
Carving beautiful relations....hand in hand..
Is it really the way?!

This rotation and revolution goes on forever
This discipline, if topples down...
Have we, the reliance on life on this planet?!

Is global oneness unattainable by the way?!
Fighting the problems but not the fellow beings
Lighting a flame of confidence and truth
Youth and kids bouncing in joy
Adults and older treasure smiling in content of life
Is it really the way?!

The life of this meadow....Need no blood but equilibrium
If this status ruptures to the core,
Have we, our names engraved on the air to breath?!

Is good governance unattainable by the way?
A world with safe homes 
An environment with healthy abodes
Education and employment to the apt population
Equity of justice above all malice
Is it really the way?!

The society has to prevail in any circumstance
If this has to be curbed under terrorism
Have we, the country in a pacified movement?!

Is an empowered globe unattainable by the way?
Respect in all walks of life
Food which can make us forget the word called hunger
Development in every path that’s right
Health to flourish in every body’s might
Is it really the way?!

Peace has to take an open charge on every aspect anyway
If this is shattered with blood shed and arms
Have we, the pigeon flying above the horizon of the pure and white?!

— Vijaya Bhanu Kote


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